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Workplace Assessments

We are able to offer individual work place assessments. This type of assessment can be sought for a multitude of reasons. All of us are different; no one job is the same, which makes each situation unique.


Whatever the reason, we are confident that our expertise can help you in this complex area. Often difficulties are experienced at work and the employee and/or the employer does not know what to do for the best. To help explain the types of support we offer please see below:



Our Occupational Therapists are highly skilled in looking at how you manage all the things you need to do in order to carry out your job. There might be things that have become more difficult, maybe due to a recent change or reconfiguration? Or, you might be seeking a confirmed diagnosis and helpful recommendations to take life forward, allowing you to apply for that promotion more confidently.


When things are difficult at work, life becomes stressful and your self-esteem gets chipped away. We can provide you with a detailed assessment to help you understand your own needs better and draw out your strengths. We can support you as an employee, in requesting appropriate adjustments to allow you to do the job to the best of your ability and beyond. We will spend time with you understanding your work role and environment. From there, we will develop some tailor made strategies that you can implement to help yourself, and recommendations for your employers, to help them support you.


As a result of assessment and increased self-knowledge, sometimes clients have become empowered to change their roles. We can help you think through your career development in light of your abilities.


We also routinely offer ‘Dyspraxia Awareness’ training sessions to employers to help colleagues understand this seemingly misunderstood condition.



We can help you ensure you have made all the appropriate (for your context) reasonable adjustments for your staff member. We can provide an up to date assessment of the person’s needs and facilitate discussion around possible support and role options in your employment setting. Our essential aim is to support you in getting the right equipment and/or strategies in place for your employee to do their job to the best of their ability.


We can help with referrals to Access to Work and aid the resolution of disputes or tribunal processes by providing accurate, up to date, objective information.


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Great service, I needed a diagnosis and support with issues I am facing at work, and the assessment and report have provided that. I can bring the report to my employers, which will hopefully help them understand how they can support me in the workplace. The report is more straightforward to understand than expected, thank you!


Josh Utting (2022)