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Recent testimonials


The report gave us so much more clarity and understanding of how to best support Jake with his development. Marie Adams (2023)


The assessment answered all the questions we had concerning our daughter’s difficulties, it allows us to move forwards. It has been such a relief to have a diagnosis so we can fully understand our daughter. J.Durdey (2023)




The assessment and report are extremely useful in planning and supporting Rowan in his transition to Secondary school. K.Ruskin (2023)


This assessment and report have allowed our son to put so many ghosts away.  All the times he missed a ball or lost a game or didn’t make the team, he has a reason now.I hope that the anxiety and negativity that can haunt him sometimes will become less, now that he understands that there are reasons behind aspects of his life where he has sometimes considered himself to be ‘a failure’.  G.Douglas (2023)


I am really glad that I have got a detailed profile of my strengths and difficulties. Being given strategies for the future, in school, work and life is great too. Gabriel (2023)


Adult testimonials


The most beneficial aspect of the assessment was that I know where my challenges are and how I can work on them. AC (2024)


The assessment was very thorough, and we went through a lot of different aspects and tests, which was excellent. The report was also very detailed and gave lots of helpful suggestions for me to use in everyday life as well as suggestions for my employer.  IB (2023)


This assessment and process has enabled me to revisit my dyspraxia and made me realise that I have neglected this part of myself for a very long time. I hadn’t spoken about it for many years and I can see how complacent I had become. Keith (2023)


Spending time with an experienced professional, and being able to talk about daily challenges has certainly given me a boost and renewed confidence in myself and about the future. It feels good that there are experienced professionals ‘in my corner’ should I ever need some additional support. I shall certainly take advantage of coaching sessions 2-3 times a year. Keith (2023)


Great service, I needed a diagnosis and support with issues I am facing at work, and the assessment and report have provided that. I can bring the report to my employers, which will hopefully help them understand how they can support me in the workplace. The report is more straightforward to understand than expected, thank you! Josh Utting (2022)


Since my assessment and it has already been life changing for me, I am being kinder to myself and have new strategies to help me. Vanessa, (2023)


Consultant specific


Shelly was brilliant. Very supportive and encouraging. She explained everything clearly. The most beneficial part was understanding how dyspraxia affects me personally. Lisa (2024)


Wendy was very friendly and easy to talk to during the assessment. She made me feel at ease during each test and listened to what I had to say. IB (2023)


Wendy was wonderful and I learned things about myself that I never would have otherwise. Joseph Guiness (2023)


Debbie was very personable, yet professional. Debbie listened carefully to both of us and really took the time with my son to guide him through the assessment. Marie Adams (2023)


Kate was a great listener and made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Keith (2023)


Rebecca was excellent, a relaxed and enjoyable assessment. J.Durdey (2023)


Dyspraxia Uk is a great company that made the process of getting an assessment so easy, and a massive thankyou to Caroline, she was so helpful and amazing and I can’t thank her enough for doing my assessment. J O’Connnor


Rosaline, thank you for making the whole process a positive experience. Rosaline was kind, knowledgeable and supportive. Vanessa (2023)


Training testimonials


I found the Zoom sessions so much more helpful, when the discussion accompanied the slides it really helped me to understand what was being shared and further embed the learning. Hearing from a service user was also hugely insightful. Lindsey (2023)


I really did come away from the course feeling very positive and that I had really benefitted from accessing the programme.  I suppose as an OT within paediatrics, more focus on the intervention piece within this client group would have enhanced this further.  I still found the adolescent/adult piece very helpful as I do work with children right up to 18 years. Leigh (2023)


Yes the course provided comprehensive pre-course material so that I could work through at my own pace and well delivered presentations by tutors and guest speaker. I attended the course virtually and my learning experience was enhanced by presented case vignettes, videoed assessments, and key clinical evidence/research. The presenters where generous with the content of their presentations and answering questions to consolidate my learning. Pauline White (2022)


I really enjoyed the training and it was refreshing to have the time and space away from a very busy clinical diary to think about and reflect on best practice. Beth (2022)


What will I take away? – everything! It was all so very useful, and I just need to now get my standardised assessments and start seeing children within our school setting to consolidate my learning. There was a range of different experiences within the group, this had its benefits but also had some implications for those starting out, as it was intimidating to begin with since there were people with vastly more experience. That said, inexperienced participants may have to swallow the feeling of imposter syndrome and just accept that we all come with different expertise!

In essence I wouldn’t improve anything. It was a great course and hugely beneficial so thank you. Abbie (2022)


I feel so much better equipped to assess, support and advocate for those with DCD/Dyspraxia – thank you! Jo (2021)


The resources provided will be invaluable going forward to enhance my practice. I found the video clips particularly stuck in my mind, which has assisted in making skilful observations and evaluations. Overall, really enjoyable, and informative training. Thank you. KS (2021)


The course was informative and shared everything you need to know and beyond. I really liked the down to earth and friendly way the training was presented and using real life examples to demonstrate the key information is the most valuable. Kerry (2021)


Sound knowledge base and tools to correctly identify DCD.  KR (2021)


This training has hugely enhanced my understanding and confidence to work with clients presenting with dyspraxia/DCD – Rosaline and Sarah were both so approachable and encouraging and I am left feeling really excited about putting my new found skills and knowledge into practice. I feel that I have a much greater understanding of how comprehensive a dyspraxia assessment should be and how much impact a good assessment and follow up can have for individuals and families. Clare (2021)

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