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Specialist assessment, analysis and Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) diagnosis for children and adults.



Supporting children and adults with Dyspraxia


Dyspraxia UK Occupational Therapy consultants provide comprehensive assessment of movement and coordination skills, in addition to those used for writing and paper-based tasks. DCD is a motor-based disorder; however, we work holistically. As part of our assessment process, Dyspraxia UK also assess and provide supportive strategies for: mental health and wellbeing, sensory processing skills, and cognitive skills (planning, organising and memory). 


An in-depth assessment allows personalised recommendations to be made to help you or your loved ones move forward in life with renewed self-insight and confidence. 


We also deliver training in Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD/Dyspraxia) and other neurodiversities for occupational therapists, teaching staff and employers. 

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Recent Testimonials

Dyspraxia UK is a great company that made the process of getting an assessment so easy, and a massive thankyou to Caroline, she was so helpful and amazing and I can't thank her enough for doing my assessment. 


J. O'Connnor (2023)

The assessment answered all the questions we had concerning our daughter's difficulties, it allows us to move forwards. It has been such a relief to have a diagnosis so we can fully understand our daughter. 


J.Durdey (2023)

This assessment and process has enabled me to revisit my dyspraxia and made me realise that I have neglected this part of myself for a very long time. I hadn't spoken about it for many years and I can see how complacent I had become.


Keith (2023)